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Tolman Skiff Jumbo boat kit Tolman Jumbo
Tolman Skiffs: Build a boat with our boat plans and boat kits. Based in Portland, Maine, the Salt Water Workshop can deliver your Tolman Skiff kit to the local area or ship it to anywhere in the country.

A Tolman Skiff is a thoroughly modern vee-bottom stitch and glue wooden boat with a dory ancestry. Designed in Alaska for Alaskan waters, these ocean-capable boat designs are available in THREE MODELS, the Standard, the Widebody and the Jumbo, in lengths from 18’ to 24’, and powered by outboard motors from 40hp to 140hp.

Due to its light weight in relation to its size, a Tolman Skiff wooden boat is very economical to operate, yet will ride well due to their variable vee-bottom construction, chine flats and spray rails. With stitch-and-glue construction, most of the wooden boat hull strength comes from the plywood, therefore minimal framing is required. Even though the hull is marine plywood, every square inch is sheathed in fiberglas cloth set in epoxy resin thereby sealing all the wooden parts from water intrusion. This wooden boat benefits from the superior strength of plywood yet is as easy to maintain as a fiberglas boat.



Tolman wide body boat kitTolman Widebody

Standard Open Skiff

Flyfishing in a Tolman Skiff If you choose to build a boat, starting with our wooden boat kits of pre-cut parts machined in our workshop in the Portland, Maine, area, construction of a basic Standard model can be completed in as little as 200 hours. Set up as a tiller-steered open boat or a center console, the Standard is ideal an inshore fishing boat, day boat, cruiser, beach camper or small work boat.

The larger Widebody and Jumbo wooden boat kits will take longer to build, but are large enough to support full cabins and pilothouses for extended cruising or offshore fishing.

Besides being lightweight and fuel efficient, the best thing about these boat designs is that once the basic hull is finished, these wooden boat kits can be finished off to suit the needs of each individual builder. So whether you are boating in Portland, Maine, or Portland, Oregon, your Tolman Skiff can be finished to suit your needs.

If you choose to build a boat, the Salt Water Workshop can help you get a start on your very own Tolman Skiff in three ways:

  • Buy a BOOK OF BOAT PLANS which include drawings and instructions to build a boat in all three boat designs
  • Buy one of our boat kits of PRE-CUT WOODEN PARTS to assemble the basic hull. Call or email for pricing

For questions and inquiries, don’t hesitate to email us using the CONTACT FORM, or call us at any reasonable hour at 207-837-0236.


Tolman Skiff Kit Components
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