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CNC Machining and Millings

Custom CNC Machining and Milling

With our state-of-the-art CNC machining and milling capabilities, we offer custom three-axis machining in the Portland, Maine, area and beyond of almost any parts you can think of in wood, composite or plastic materials.

    The advantages of CNC include:
  • Accurate and precise CNC machining and milling
  • Consistent duplication of single parts
  • Ease of design change/modification
  • Wide range of materials from wood to plastics to composites
  • Faster production times
  • Eliminates the possibility of human error
  • Serving the local Portland, Maine, area and beyond
    Our CNC machining and milling customers include such professions as:
  • Woodworkers
  • Cabinet makers
  • Furniture makers
  • Sign fabricators
  • Trade show booth designers
  • Boat builders
    Past CNC machining and milling projects in the Portland, Maine, area include:
  • Production runs of small plastic parts
  • Boat forms, frames and parts for custom boat builders
  • Work stations for machine operators
  • Trade show displays
  • Cabinet doors
  • Chair and table production runs
  • Built-in bookcases and cabinets
CNC routing

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